Hanele Zane Putniņa
15/03 – 13/04/2024

* a place where everything is made of linoleum, and where you think in linoleum.

about 23m2
2.5 – 3 mm thick linoleum crust
inhabited by linoshavings

Originally formed from seismic chisel movements and colour eruptions. Eventually, it became inhabited by linoshavings, which evolved from chisel-cut beings. It is a place where the chisel doesn’t know how to stop, like the atmosphere enveloping the surface of a linoshavingsland, at times revealing the images of a creature in the linotectonic relief.

Paper does not exist in the linocut, it does not burden this place with its fragility and weakness, with its restrictive size and its unwillingness to accept the inescapable burden of the gravity of the planet “earth” and the laws of physics. Linolejija is a firm place.

Zane Putnina lives and works in Riga. Hanele’s prints are based on mythological images from folklore and legends, which she often recreates in large-scale linocut technique. Her large-scale compositions of images alternate with modest absurdities of everyday situations, which she calls “bregellies”.
Hanele is interested in historical printmaking techniques and everything related to them. She continues her explorations into the world of linocut, taking as large a chisel as possible and trying to find a treasure among the shards of linoleum. She is rapidly approaching her first carved hectare of linoleum.

Support: VKKF

Photo: Līga Spunde