Die Geister. One Step Beyond

Die Geister. One Step Beyond
Curated by Marta Trektere and Kaspars Groševs
20/02 – 28/02/2020

Opening: February 20th 7pm

This highway goes one step beyond heaven. Stomps the weight of boulders. Breathy quadraphonic howls, you find yourself in fantazia while trying to grasp figureless haze in all colors imaginable. As a drip of sweat tickles the tip of your nose you start to see a color you never thought existed. You’ve become a sorcerer’s apprentice.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was a segment in Disney’s feature-length cartoon Fantasia (1940). The part where Mickey Mouse is an apprentice to a sorcerer and fools around with magic tricks is based on Goethe’s poem “Der Zauberlehrling”. The lines in which the apprentice implores the returning sorcerer to help him with the mess he created have turned into a cliché, especially the line Die Geister, die ich rief (“The spirits that I called”), a garbled version of one of Goethe’s lines (Die ich rief, die Geister, / Werd’ ich nun nicht los), which is often used to describe someone who summons help or allies that the individual cannot control, especially in politics. Or raves.

With works by:
Maya Bendavid, Baojiaxiang and SwS, Simon Kounovsky, Theodore Darst, Dave Greber, Valentýna Janů, Ville Kallio, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Anni Puolakka, Jon Rafman, Clifford Sage, Deirdre Sargeant

Supported by: VKKF

Baojiaxiang and SwS – WIWMAVGAIWLDSAATCWA What If We Made A Video Game And It Was Like Dark Souls And All The Characters Were, Part 1
4:29, 2020

This work has been commissioned and produced by KONTEJNER and in collaboration with Sonic Acts, as part of Re-Imagine Europe project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
Anni Puolakka – Oestrus
8:27, 2020

Oestrus was made as part of Puolakka’s solo exhibition at Polansky gallery, curated by Christina Gigliotti and on until 21 March 2020.
Maya Bendavid – Popccorn Ceiling Maiden
2:27, 2018
Dave Greber – YouCantRiptheSkinOffofaSnake III
3:03, 2020
Simon Kounovsky – epoch_acts
1:12, 2020
Theodore Darst – Ripple
4:52, 2020
Valentýna Janů – Is Your Blue the Same As Mine?
11:40, 2018
Jaakko Pallasvuo – Blink 182 Barcelona
6:41, 2020
Ville Kallio – Venmo Combat
5:05, 2019
Jon Rafman – A Man Digging
8:20, 2013
Deirdre Sargent – Tigers in Toyland
10:51, 2018
Clifford Sage – Reincarnational Disorder ‘RED OUT’
8:40, 2013