Let us enjoy reading this one of Modern GolfClayderman Stories “OxyMoron”.

Justin Time once said that fashion never goes out of style and we here at GolfClayderman know it the best. Like pantone dictates color of the year, we dictate what to wear- One Size Fits All Designer Jeans, Genuine Fake Dress Pants, White Gold Fake Jewelry, Green is the new Black Long Shorts, Half Naked Natural Makeup, Medium Large Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Barely Dressed Short Pants.

So if looking great is important to you, then we are the best choice.
GolfClayderman invites you to cut hair, get tattooed or put on makeup in beauty salon “OxyMoron 2016”.

Participants: TVMASKAVA, Demon Wariors, Miu

Support: Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds, VKN



Let us enjoy reading this one of Modern GolfClayderman Stories “Stum der Liebe”.

It is party time in gallery 427. Christmas is so close, and so is Justin Times birthday. He wished he could get the newest new Baltic Slavs, Germanic, Pakistan fashion as a wonderful christmas present. All kids will get new Dolcci Gabbani, Armani, Versacci, Gucci Firucci, Masculini, Femini Short Pants. Grandmother will have a polo shirt with real horse on it. Mother will get a thick smock from Vivian West Gold Lable. Husband will have high-heeled purse from Little Tic Tac. So before you take Christmas card photo, or new facebook post for many likes, GolfClayderman invites you to find true love in the dating game “Sturm der Liebe 2016”

Find true love!



Let us enjoy reading this one of Modern GolfClayderman Stories “Zvaigžņu parāde”.

Who can days of past estamate, increasingly new ones come in the place of gone, and the years between them as amber glows, and new stars do separate in the sieve of time.

Did Justin Time just sing and at the same time didn’t? He is in a superposition on the stage. When he picks up the microphone, he also reaches for the stars. The spectators all create an extending wave over space and time. Probability amplitudes provide a relationship between the wave of spectators and the results of observations of that lip sync contest. Results are great.
GolfClayderman invites you to the first and the last Popiela of 2016 “Zvaigžņu parāde”.

Photos: Elīna Vītola