Vicente H. J. Mollestad
14/04 – 13/05/2016

I don’t know how to play this! Why not try it this way?
I was playing this morning, and I suddenly thought ‘Hey, Maybe that’s the tuning!’
So I tried different things, pulled and slackened some strings and I’ve come up with this. Frankly, with that much distortion, who can tell the difference?

– Airborne Nun

Vicente H.J. Mollestad (1987, La Paz) is currently an MFA student at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. His work revolves around an extended process of devotion to own experiences and ambitions. By following these instincts to a romantic extreme his practice relates to a discourse found somewhere between neo-conceptualism and abstract expressionism.

Support: State Culture Capital Foundation

Photos: Līga Spunde